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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Party's Over!

So, Kira's 2nd birthday party is over!  Someone asked me today how it feels, and I said that I feel relieved.  But, truly, I do not feel like it is over yet because there is more to look forward to!  I cannot wait to get the photographer's photos, to start my quest of trying to be featured on party planning blogs, and finally to post photos here!

From Kira's party, I definitely learned the importance of being organized for a party far in advance.  In fact, because it was held in my own home, I was able to slowly set things up over the weeks before the party (which proved to be invaluable!).  Therefore, on the morning of the party, the only major thing I had to do was food preparation.  I wonder how this is going to translate into planning parties for others?  How do I set up a party at another location when I do not have access to it weeks and months before the party?  I would love to hear advice from other party planners!

Believe it or not, the food prep was actually the most stressful part of the day.  I did not think I had too much planned, especially since I was just having appetizers, but it sure did take up the entire morning and afternoon (even with the help of my mother and husband).  I was disappointed, because we did not even get to make everything that we had planned, and all of the food was not displayed by the time guests started to arrive.  I don't think I could have done anything differently, though.  I started at 6:00am, baking cupcakes, and my mother and I never stopped until the last items were done.  Perhaps, I could have prepped a few things the day before?  I don't know.  Anyway, in my professional business, I am not planning on providing food service myself, so I guess I do not have to worry about that.  And, the food was a big hit, even if it was not all served at the exact time I wanted it to be.

Biggest hits with the children: ladybug coloring sheets, bug- and flower-related silly bands, party hats, craft activity, and bounce house my husband rented at the last minute (they are so much fun!)

Biggest hits with the adults: decor, dessert table, quiche and other foods, Kira's darling party dress, the DJ!!

I am off to bed for now - so tired!!

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