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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Weekend Full of Parties :)

I am so very excited for it to be Friday, Aug 6th right now!  I have a weekend of parties to attend, and I cannot wait!

This evening, my husband and I will be going to a party together with friends.  It is a bit "rock and roll," so we have amazing outfits planned (my dress was custom-designed by couture fashion designer Raven Reda of Tampa, FL).  Will post pics later!

Saturday morning, my daughter and I have the honor of attending the 3rd birthday party of Kori's daughter (of Paper and Pigtails).  While Kori has mentioned that she is not a party planner (I recommend you read her blog:, I am confident that this party is going to be amazing and beautiful!  How can it not be, when Kori is so very artistic!  If she okays it, I will post pictures from this party as well!

Saturday afternoon, I will be going to my neighbors house, to help her decorate for her son's 3rd birthday party, which will be on Sunday morning.  The party is Peter Pan themed, and I think it is going to be a precious event!  I hope I will be of at least a little help to her in figuring out where all of her decorations and party things should go.

So, then obviously Sunday morning is the neighbor's Peter Pan party.  My husband will be able to come with me to this party because he is not working.  I am so excited to see this event unfold!  My neighbor has put so much work and love into her planning, so I know it is going to be fabulous fun!

And, this weekend puts us at the two-week countdown to Kira's 2nd birthday party and my first custom-designed children's party!

Can life get any better?!  :)


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. What is my deadline to rsvp for Kira's party? My weekends are somewhat unpredictable at this moment.

  2. You had a weekend full of party goodness!! Is everything ready for Kira's party??