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Friday, February 4, 2011

An {Under the Sea} Party!

Last weekend, my family and I attended our next door neighbors' son's highly adorable 2nd birthday party.  I knew it was going to be great because Mara is one creative and resourceful mama!

The birthday party theme was based on "Finding Nemo."  The color scheme was a few different shades of blue, orange, and white/clear (e.g., clear balloons).  Being the next door neighbor, I got to see a sneak peek of the set up prior to the start of the party at 3pm.   From the moment my daughter and I woke up the morning of the party, we observed the happenings in their backyard, including the creation of several "activity stations" for the children!  Mara also kindly invited us over to see the indoor decor.  After the preview, Kira and I could barely contain ourselves and talked about going to the party all day!

When it was time to head over to the party, we decided to arrive at their front door.  Normally, because we are such friendly neighbors, we use each other's back sliding doors.  But, this day, I wanted to get the full experience of walking into the party through the front door.

As soon as I walked in, I was immediately struck by Mara's unique ideas!

The entry hallway was lined with blue paper to mimic the sea and to allow the children a fun place to color.

Blue crepe paper streamers were waving from the ceiling.

Blue cellophane (over the windows and doors and draped from the ceiling) added to the ocean-y feel.

Here are a few more of the interior party photos:

Outdoors, the children were able to "fish" at a table with fishing poles and bowls of plastic fish and sea creatures.

They also played at sand tables, collecting sea shells, making sand castles, etc.

The ultimate fun was the "Finding Nemo" themed bounce house, which pleased the children and adults alike.  This was probably Kira's favorite activity.  Of the four hours we were at the party, I would guess she spent about three of those hours in the bounce house.  My wild and crazy girl!  :)

There was, of course, a cute (and yummy) "Finding Nemo" cake.

The children looked adorable sitting around the table, engrossed in devouring their cake slice!

My favorite part of the party was the party favors because they were so different and fun!  Each child took home a fish bag filled with water and two plastic fish bath toys "swimming" within.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my party!! You took such great photos of the event!

  2. Wow! this is wonderful party, good idea to celebrate the parties. Thank you sharing this them.