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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dessert Table

My kitchen is AMAZING for parties! Tons of counter space, bar top space, and space in general. One of the things that is going to be set up in the kitchen is the dessert table. I am using my round kitchen table and moving it to an empty corner in our eating area. Here is the general layout, which looks a little more boring then I know it is actually going to look in person!

I am jumping on the cupcake bandwagon and making cupcakes for Kira instead of a birthday cake. I am using Duff's (from Ace of Cakes) cake mix and buttercream icing, which I am SO excited to try!! The cake is a yellow cake mix. I am going to pipe the icing on in a swirl design (well, actually, my mother the baker is going to do this). Each cupcake is going to be sprinkled with colored sugar crystals (in colors matching the party).  The cupcakes at the top of the cupcake tree will have pink and purple lady bug candles.  And, then the cupcakes on the other layers of the tree will have purple, pink, and orange flower cupcake toppers.


 Cupcake toppers

I have about 4-5 cupcake trees in my arsenal, and I still have not decided which one to use. However, I do know that the cupcake tree is going to be the centerpiece of the table.  Here is one of the ones I am considering using:

In a symmetrical pattern on either side of the cupcake tree, I will have tins filled with coordinating Jelly Belly beans.

Any advice on whether of not the jelly beans should be in their matching containers or if I should mismatch the beans and tins?  Cannot decide.

Finally, on a small display tray, I am ordered custom cookies from Abigail's Bake Shop.  They are going to super special, and I will save the cookie design as a surprise...will show them after I have party pictures.

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  1. I like the jellybeans in the mismatched container colors exactly how you have them paired in the pic! I think it will make it "pop" more!