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Monday, July 26, 2010

Pocket Full of Parties {Monday's Great Find}

Everyday, I discover new party planning websites, whether it be a blog, an etsy shop, a bakery, etc.  I have come across so many "great finds" that I would like to share them with my readers, just in case you have not yet made the same discoveries as me.  Each Monday, I will dedicate a blog post to  one of my favorites!!!

Today's "Great Find" is PaperGlitter: Print, Cut & Play.  I could not resist choosing PaperGlitter as my favorite site because of their wide array of party printables, both free printables and shop printables!  I could not resist downloading ALL of their free printables today, and I look forward to purchasing from their shop in the future.  Here are the links to their Etsy site, their FB page, and their blog

Please read, follow, like, comment, etc!!!  And, I would love to know what you think: both about my Monday's Great Find Idea and about PaperGlitter!!