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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Sneak Peek Pictures!

I have some pictures of some of the the things that I have put together to decorate the children's table and room.

I am so excited to share these pictures, because I am so proud of the work and thought that went into the design of the room!

Part of the craft activity.  A bowl full of the flower and lady bug stickers.  Cute, huh?!  There will be four on the table for all of the children.

One of the picture frames that the children will decorate with stickers and ultimately have their own picture in.  I have then in pink, turquoise, and green for boys' and girls' preferences.
  (You can see the gorgeous plates and a little bit of the placemats, too, in this photo)

Arrangement on top of the dining room hutch

Ladybug flag banner which was part of my series of unfortunate events :)

A picture of one of the place settings

As for the rest of the children's table and room, you will have to wait until I post the professional pictures after the party!
One thing I also want to wanted to mention was my plans for the table centerpiece.  I bought a beautiful round glass bowl, similar to a fish bowl.  I am going to fill it with colored sand and arrange 12 candy kabobs from Sweets Indeed in the bowl.  The kabobs will be filled with color-coordinated candy and topped with a lady bug lollipop.  Of all things I have planned for the party, other than the party prinatables, this is my favorite!  I cannot wait to receive the kabobs in the mail to see how it will look!

I will end this post with some other momentous pictures.  Today, Kira started preschool summer camp, which she is going to attend three days a week until she starts preschool full time in August.  Here are some precious photos of her arrival to the school for the first time!

It was such a great day for her and for Chad (husband) and I.  We were so proud of how well she adjusted.  And, we were so happy to receive an art project when we picked her up!!  It is already on our refrigerator, likely soon to be framed and treated as a cherished piece of art :)


  1. Can't wait to see your party all come together! So glad Kira had fun at school. She is a doll!

  2. Thank you! I cannot wait for it to come together too! I have a vision, but it will be wonderful to see it!! Thank you for your support :)