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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's all Coming Together

Today, as I write this, I am feeling so pleased with the work I have done at this point to begin my company, Pocket Full of Parties.  I am very new to this business thing, so I am following my instincts and intuition on what to work on, what to pursue, and when to pursue it.  The things I have focused on thus far include:

1.  Learning about and from the party planning community.  I am so amazed at how many talented professionals there are across the country!  It is through this professional community that I  am inspired every day!

2.  Building contacts and relationships in the Tampa Bay area community.  I am focusing on relationships that will be mutually reminds me of the phrase, "One hand washes the other."  The incredible thing is that along the way, I am also building amazing friendships that I would have never otherwise discovered

3. Using the internet (such as this blog, FB, and Twitter) to spread the word about Pocket Full of Parties and to expand my contacts beyond my immediate locale.  

4.  Planning Kira's 2nd birthday party to the standards that I would reach for every birthday party that I was involved in customizing and designing.  In doing this I hope to great great memories for our family and friends as well as to create a portfolio of my work so that Pocket Full of Parties becomes more than just a name.

In contacting and meeting with the various contacts around the Tampa Bay area, I have two very exciting new people/businesses to RAVE about!!

Grymes Cannon Designs (website): Grymes Cannon was recommended to me as a talented florist through Gary Kaplan.  I have been in contact with him over the phone and through e-mail and am thus far more than impressed with his presentation and business style.  I am hoping to work with him for Kira's party and also for future events.  For Kira's party, I would like just a few whimsical floral arrangements.  I am thinking a few arrangements for my back patio (which I am just thought about decorating) and accent pieces strategically place around my home would make a big impact.  I am so excited about hearing what Grymes Cannon Designs comes up with based on my requests!!

Raven Reda:  Raven Reda is not just a fabulous business contact or one of Tampa's most talented fashion designers, she is also a wonderful friend and one of the most genuine people I have yet to meet in the Tampa Bay area.  From the moment I first met her when my husband introduced her and her boyfriend to me at a chance meeting in a local mall, I knew that Raven would play an important role in my life.  We clicked from that very moment.  Now that I have had an opportunity to get to know her personally and professionally, I feel like our relationship was destined to occur!  Raven creates a variety of pieces for men, children, and, mostly, women.  I would describe her style as edgy, rock and roll, cutting edge...I could go on and on.

I had the joy and pleasure of spending most of the evening yesterday (through the wee hours of the morning!) at Raven's loft in downtown Tampa.  The experience was amazing - full of fun, fashion, conversation, and creativity.  I was able to obtain some of her custom baby clothes (and feel honored to even have them in my home right now!).  I was also able to look through some of her clothing pieces from previous runway shows or that she is currently working on.  She took my measurements, and I am hopefully going to be able to purchase some of her pieces, altered to fit my own body.  Each piece that I am considering speaks to my sense of style and design.  They are pieces that I would wear to consultations with clients, to events, to my business launch party (TBA), etc.  When does this EVER happen to a "regular" wife and mom?!  I am so lucky and cannot wait to work with Raven further.  Being that she has planned numerous fashion events, I know that I will be able to learn from her, as well, about how to pull together a well-coordinated event!

Next blog post: Next steps in my business plan!  :)  I would love ideas and opinions on where you think I should go next or what you think I should focus on.

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  1. Congratulations on your new business venture! I'm quite new as well :) Wishing you the best of luck!!! :)