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Friday, July 16, 2010

A little snafu

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had sketches of the three main stations/tables/areas I will have at Kira's party.  I still have not had a chance to re-sketch them (because Kira, my darling artist, scribbled on the originals) and rescan them.  But, I thought I would tell you about an incident I had with one of my tables this evening.  Bear with me because I am a story teller (quite loquacious when writing!).

The day started off beautifully.  I had a play date to meet some work friends at a local aquatic center for fun in the sun and water.  Kira and I had a blast, and I enjoyed hanging out with the girls and their beautiful children!

While Kira was napping, I had an amazing "texting" conversation with a fashion-designer friend of mine, Raven Reda.  She recently held a runway show in Tampa, FL that I attended.  Through this convo and previous e-mails, I learned that she was more than thrilled to lend me some of her pieces from the fashion show to wear to Kira's party (gotta look good when it is your first event, and, well, at all events!).  She also wants to style a complete look and my wardrobe for me.  I am such a a wannabe fashionista, so this sounds like so much fun and a dream come true!!  One day this coming week, her and I are going to have a fashion fiesta.  I already sent her my measurements, so we are going to pick out clothes, play dress up, rock out to music, etc.  So excited (Love you, Raven, if you are reading this!).

Unfortunately, my day went south after this.

Drove into the side of the garage with my car door (do not ask how - it was such a silly mistake!) and dented and scratched the heck out of it.  When you are a detail-oriented perfectionist like I am, something like this will grate on my nerves until I can get it fixed.

This brings me to the story of the tablescape disaster.  After being ruffled from the car "accident," I had more in store for me.

The dining room table in the dining room of my home is going to be the children's table for Kira's party.  I have already purchased all of the items that are going to be used to decorate this room (none of which I have yet shown here on this blog).  A few days ago, I got the brilliant idea to set up as much of the room as I could, to get a true picture of what the children's table would look like.  Boy, did things come together well when I did this!  Table runner, placemats, plates, glassware, craft activity set up - everything - looks wonderful!

Today, I got a shipment in the mail of more party decor, which included ladybug flag banners that I planned to hang from the ceiling of my dining room.  After I opened the box and oogled over everything, I got the bright idea to hang the flag banners already.  This is when the day went as south as it could go!

When I attempted to hang my first banner, I decided to stand on my dining room table.  My table does not have four legs, it has a base in the middle.  I chose to stand on the corner edge of the table.  Smart!  As clumsy as I am, I ended up tipping the entire massive dining room table over.   I fell off of it (did not get hurt, at this point), and my beautiful tablescape went sliding right off of the table with me!  Most of my glassware (cakes stands, plates, etc) broke into pieces everywhere.  It was unbelievable!

To make matters worse, when I was cleaning up all of the broken glass, I managed to slice my pinky toe on my right foot from top to bottom.  It is a pretty serious cut!  I have actually never seen that much blood at one time in my life!  Surprisingly, it did not hurt but boy did it make a mess.  So bad that my home looked like a crime scene.

Needless to say, I was in a pretty crappy mood for awhile after this!  After getting my head together and getting over the shock of it all, I quickly was able to get my spirits up and bounce back.  I actually felt lucky that this happened now and not on the day of the party!

Currently, with a bandaged toe which probably needs stitches, I am viewing the day as an utterly comical series of events!  I've had some great days in this past week, so I was bound to have a bad one.  Such is life!

Lesson learned: Do not stand on furniture when decorating for a party.  Or at least delegate that task to someone less accident-prone! LOL!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! That's a disaster! I hope you find the humor in it now, but I am certain it was NOT funny then!