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Monday, July 19, 2010

Up late!

I am on summer vacation from my day job, so I have become quite the night owl!  I need to go to bed so much earlier than I have been, but I am so excited about Pocket Full of Parties that I stay up late thinking about it, chatting about it, researching, and networking. 

All along, I have been having a hard time knowing when to "stop" planning and buying for Kira's second birthday party.  After several visits to Home Goods (an amazingly affordable place for all things, but especially for creative party decor), I am finally feeling like I have what I need to pull off a successful party.

I've already talked about the children's table.  So, how about my ideas for what the young guests will do during the party:

Craft: The craft that I have planned with Melissa, my creative consultant, is decorating picture frames.  I have a picture frame for each child that will be attending the party.  I found them in three colors to match the color scheme.  I bought scrapbooking stickers, which at the time that I bought them I did not know what to use them for.  But, I purchased them because they fit with everything - flowers and ladybugs! These stickers will be in beautiful pink bowls around the children's table and can be used to decorate the frames.  I will be taking pictures of each child and printing them out on photo paper on my home printer.  That way, each child will be able to leave the party with their own picture in a frame they decorated themselves.  I think this is a cute and fun idea and very easy to orchestrate for all ages (we will have a wide span of ages at the party).

Music/Dancing: Because this is a relatively quick activity, Melissa and I were thinking that freeze dance would be another fun activity for the children.  We potentially may have a friend DJ the party!  This may be a little over the top, but I'd really like to display the creative talents of all of my friends at this event.  If so, we would have him lead the freeze dance activity.  For the little ones, who may not understand freeze dance, I have crepe paper streamers for them to wave around to the music.  I think it will make for a fun and colorful way to fill the time!  Even without a DJ, this would be easy to do with iTunes and a computer!  I would love ideas for hip modern songs that would be appropriate for a 2nd birthday party!!  I would love it if you would leave me a comment with your thoughts!

More planning ideas and pictures to come!


  1. Does anyone love the Laurie Berkner Band for kids' music as much as I do? I think I like the Rocketship Run CD more than Kira does!

  2. I love Laurie Berkner. And my kids love freeze tag! We need to get you a facebook like box so people can "like" your facebook page directly from here!

  3. Kids Bop has modern music on a kids level. I'm pretty sure they are on iTunes, but will have to check! Also, you can't go wrong with Disney songs...ever! Movie songs or songs from Disney channel are Aleta kid friendly! I have some other songs that are party friendly... Chicken Dance, Bunny Hop, Limbo!!!! I actually could go on and have most of these songs on MP3 already.