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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Exciting things!

I must start this blog entry with huge thank yous to: my husband Chad, whose passion for his own work inspires me; my cousin Melissa, who is my creative consultant; my cousin Jeff, who is a graphic designer working on my logo; and to my mother who will potentially be a great resource for me regarding catering and baking!  I could not be where I am with my enthusiasm for and dedication to this business without each of you.

I have a couple of very thrilling potential opportunities and contacts for Pocket Full of Parties!  One of these things has the chance of being something really big!  I am not sure if it will work out, so I will share when I know for sure.

Once I have my logo, I will be ready for business cards, a fancier blog design, flyers, etc.  I am still thinking about what services I will offer, how I will offer them, and the pricing of my services.  I am planning to offer friends and/or family some free incentives to get Pocket Full of Parties started, to help build my portfolio, and to continue building contacts.  I have to think about what I could offer: a free dessert tablescape, children's tablescape...what else?  Any ideas would be appreciated!  Also, I am hoping to team up with other children's professionals to offer giveaways (this is my favorite feature of other party planners' blogs) on this blog.  If anyone reading is interested in doing a giveaway with me, please let me know.


Regarding Kira's party, I have some wonderful ideas forming in my head!  Decor, tablescapes, children's activities, food, and sweet treats are all things I am continuing to plan. 

I will have three major tables set up around my home.  One is what I am calling the entry table.  The other is the children's table. The last will be the dessert table.  I have initial rough sketches of what these tables will look like, and I scanned them in to my computer post here, but I cannot upload the images...I will have to see if I can change the file type and re-scan them.  This will be my goal tomorrow.  (Actually, I will also have to redo my sketches, as Kira has decorated them with her very own creative designs!)

I will also have a beverage area and a food buffet.  We have this gorgeous hutch in our kitchen eating area, and it folds out to create an excellent serving space.  I have to think more about exactly what food to serve.  The party is from 1:00-4:00, so rather than serving a meal, I want to serve appetizers.

Here are a couple of the food serving items:

These baskets will be used to hold many things, one of which are these amazing veggie chips I am going to use as one of the snacks

Serving platter (for crackers and cheese, perhaps?) and coasters

The beverage area will be on my kitchen counter.  Of course, I will have beer for any guests who want to indulge, but what I am most proud of is my selection of beverages that color coordinate with the party color scheme!

Here are some picture of some other things I have purchased or created to use as decor around my home on this special birthday party day:

I got this hurricane lantern for a steal at Pier One Imports

I am thinking of using this white tin bowl to hold fruit salad.
The candles will be placed together where I see fit as I am decorating.
(Bowl and candles from Target)
I made this beautiful "Celebrate" banner from a free printable on The TomKat Studio blog.
 It was fun and easy to make!

I am SO proud of this flower arrangement I made for the party (with flowers on clearance at Pier One)
It matches the color scheme of Kira's room, so it is currently on her dresser waiting to be used for the party and then returned to her room.

Bugs-n-Blooms is responsible for this party purchase!

I have so many other things, but I have decided I will leave them as a surprise for the "after-party reveal!"  I cannot wait to see how it all comes together!!

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