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Sub Heading

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We have a name!

One of my visions for this blog is to share my planning of Kira's party and my journey into learning about party planning.  The overall goal, though, is to develop my own children's party planning business.  I hope to specialize in parties for children 12 and under (Experienced party planners, please let me know if I should not be so specific; I chose this age range because I cannot envision myself planning for teens).

I enlisted my cousin Melissa to help me come up with a business name.  She is always so very creative with words.  She suggested nearly 15-20 names before "the one" finally hit me: Pocket Full of Parties.  I am so excited to have a business name!  And, I think it is perfect.  It is whimsical.  I love that it is a play off lyrics from a children's song.  And, I think it makes it clear that it is a business centered around children's parties.

Mmmm, I am happy :)  Now, off to bed with me!

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